Women’s Self Defence – Frankston

Womens Self Defence – Frankston

Learn to feel Safer and More Confident. Learn Simple techniques to defend yourself.

Learning Women’s Self Defence is easier than you think!  We will teach you simple but very effective self defence techniques specifically designed for women. We purposely choose simple techniques to start – because simple and powerful techniques can be used effectively by beginners within a few short lessons! At Billy Manne Martial Arts we regularly run a Women’s Self Defence Courses which are designed for women by women. It is practical, effective, powerful and participants who complete the course feel empowered.

The Next Course starts the 3rd of February. Enrolling now with Limited numbers so book Now so you don’t miss out! If you have any enquiries or would like to enrol please call Simone on 0434266527.

Core Principles

  • Correct Mental Attitude

    Because of intimidation, you need both mental and physical conditioning.  Step-by-step we will teach you how to gain confidence in difficult situations.

  • Conditioned For The Fight

    We will teach, train and condition your body so you become capable of inflicting damage as quickly as possible.  Through repetition you will gain the strength required to effectively strike and disable an assailant.

  • Stress Release

    Not only will the training make you feel more empowered – its a productive way to deal with mental and physical stress.  Its a win-win situation .

  • Weight Loss

    Increased activity and mental direction will assist you with weight loss.  Add the fact that Simone Manne is a qualified nutritionist who has helped many girls with weight loss (and weight gain where appropriate) and you have a dynamite combination not normally available at Martial Arts gyms.

  • Experienced Instructors

    Billy Manne has over 45 years worth of Martial Arts experience in various disciplines.  Simone also has vast experience in Karate and Krav Maga.  You have one of the most experienced Martial Arts teachers in the world at your disposal.