Posts by Simone Manne

Posts by Simone Manne

So Much More Than Just Punching & Kicking

At Billy Manne Martial Arts, we believe that Martial Arts is far more than learning to punch and kick. It is never about fighting. Most simply put, it is about becoming your best possible self.

For our younger members we have created the “Challenge Stars” program. This program is designed to help children develop strong life skills, academic ability and developing community awareness.

There are six different challenges: –

  1. Book Reading Achievement: – Purple Star
  2. Academic Achievement / Improvement: -Gold Star
  3. Fitness Achievement: – Green Star
  4. Attendance Achievement: – Silver Star
  5. Community Spirit: – Blue Star
  6. Chore and Good Behavior / Club Spirit: – Red Star.

When a Young Member achieves any of these challenges, they are presented with the appropriately
coloured Star and the achievement is then recorded on the Challenge Boards.